Electric and hybrid mobility

From design to production of electric and hybrid powertrains

Robotization and autonomous vehicle

Interface of ADAS solutions with the vehicle world

Design of robotization platform for serial or prototype vehicle

Prototyping and hardware solutions

Electronic design office for specific developments or small hardware series


We offer our experiences and our skills in system expertise including in the robotisation of vehicles

System expertise

Transversal experience from hardware design to embedded software

· Project management: specifications, requirements, specifications

· Realization of functional electrical and electronic architecture

· Engineering office for the design of embedded systems

· System modeling and simulations (Matlab Simulink)

· Robotization of rolling platforms

Embedded software development

Multi-language coding skill

· Real-time electric and hybrid powertrain supervision design

· Coding Languages : Matlab Simulink, C, C ++, Qt, Android, …

· Development from lower layers to real time application layers

· Autosar compliance

Electronic prototyping

Realizations of your electronic embedded hardware

· Electronic design office

· Designs your specific electronic cards

· Full system integration > Supervision calculator for electric and hybrid vehicles > Vehicle automation unit > Power distribution box > Power electronics > HMI (Human Machine Interface)

Vehicle concept development

Experience on several type of hybrid, electric, conventional, or specific powertrains

· Project management: Study / Sizing / development of prototype vehicle concept

· Expertise in the system interface of series or prototype vehicles

· Realization of functional electrical and electronic architecture diagram

· Vehicle validation and tuning

Design and ergonomics

Specific creation thanks to our designer and developer

· Creation of interface design and applications adapted to customer needs on HMI type support, watch, connectivity device, …


Design of your electronic systems

Proof of concept

Prototype and test bench


Design of your electronic cards


· Schematic and routing

· PCB design

· PCB assembly & test

Mechanical enclosure


· 3D mechanical CAD design

· Manufacturing

· IEC60529 -> IP67

Full integration system


· Requirement

· Functional files specifications

· Technical files specifications

Full system realization

A showcase of our products


· HG1 HMI Screen Design:
Touchscreen, Electronic screens adaptable 7‘’ 10’’ 12''

· HG1 HMI Box Design:
HDMI or LVDS, Ethernet, USB Host/Device

· Based on ARM processor Multi Core

· CAN connectivites

· Electronic screens adaptable from 7 '' to 12 ''

· Software development on Linux and Qt compatible


Vehicule adaptation box

Supply & communication interface box for on-board prototype equipment.

· Specific hardware interface to integrate your innovation into a vehicle

· Power supply distribution


Power management box

Box for higher powers distribution

· High and Low current voltage power supply management


Universal vehicule controller

A powerful controller for EV, HEV, or others vehicles


· 48VDC compatible

· 154 pin : IO / ADC / PWM / CAN

· MPC 5744P 32bits 200Mhz

· ISO26262 Compatible

· MATLAB/Simulink compatible


Robotic controller box

Full vehicle controller for robotization solution

· Vehicle robotization interface

· Hardware and software redundancy (Safety)


Hybrid BMS

Battery controller for Super capacity & lithium-ion energy storage technologies

· Specific BMS for hybrid or innovative energy storage packs


Graphic representation of innovative technologies

2D & 3D custom dashboard creation

Control panel

Creation of control panels for system configuration, visualization and diagnostic

Graphic display

Graphic representation of innovative technologies


We have developed more than 200 vehicles, trucks, mules, prototypes and all have been operational whatever the technology.

Military hybrid project

Hybrid vehicle for a military defense project. Motor-e was an essential partner in the development of this innovative vehicle, providing several ECUs

ADAS vehicle project

Project aimed to developed the short & long range detection capability for driver assistance, first level of autonomous vehicle, and avoid dangerous situation

Autonomous vehicle project

Project was to improved autonomous vehicle functions corresponding at a level 4, until level 5, in a extra-urban, urban or closed circuit context

V2X concept

This project aimed to develop a V2X concept using vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-infrastructure communication

Alternatives energies

Motor-e has several experiences about mixing energies in an electricle vehicule : such as some kind of stack, static and dynamic induction until 90km/h and other technologies. We know how manage a classical battery with another kind in order to have a vehicle completly functionnal.

Specific heavy vehicle

These projects were to study, simulate the electrification and the hybridation of heavy vehicles.

Electric sports car

For this sports car, Motor-e was a partner to develop the EE Architecture and the supervision of this sport car and the powertrain control

Hybrid concept car

This project was an innovation hub for several technologies. The participation of Motor-e consisted essentially in the development of EE Architecture, the control of the engines, the management of accessories and the powertrain control

Predictive e-horizon hybrid concept

This project aimed to demonstrate the role of real-time data in the energy optimization of the powertrain

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